September 28, 2010

youtube channel comments

08/18'10 stefbot

What does the term "truth" symbolize in your eyes, Mr. Molyneux, Stefan, let's say from an "intersubjective" or "piety theoretical" viewpoint? Wouldn't you agree that it is more kind of a priest's specific vocabulary than anything else? I'm a big fan, so don't get me wrong, please, but: Do you really believe that preaching and the cybertronic whisperweb will make a good match for the future? Or that they are an appropriate bundle at all?
I mean, civilization is run by priests since the beginning. Don't you think, it's time for something completely new, now in times of transcontinental instant communication? And that for everybody!

"Information is a deeper and more primary concept than space, time, matter, energy, charge, spin, angular momentum. The world is made of language.
The implication, for the digerati, is that reality can, therefore, be hacked. If reality is made of language, then what we're saying is that it's code. And if it's code, then it is far more deeply open to manipulation than we ever dared dream of. And we've been messing around on the desktop, opening files with religions, and political systems [...] we have not adressed the deeper level."

For instance: Is it "work" for you what you are doing, Stef, that Tetrahydroscope wants to thank you for?

Well, we know the bloody-minded "9/11" terror spectacle, Tenet's pulverization of the legendary Twin Towers, the most famous market place on earth, highlighted the actual existing social circumstances in an unique way, totally unique, but what about that: I'm tending to look at this monstrous, ruthless act of inculturation and starting point for the ongoing surveillance propaganda as well for the strategic splitting of the mainstream now as some sort of indicator for the cerebral environmental pollution of the last 6-7000, maybe 10,000 years ... Nuff said.

Okay, one last thing: Don't let you be fooled by the theatrical and tactical separation of "church" and "state".
The Jesuit college education system makes sure that the state becomes the church for the "citizen". Not only in her or his eyes but deep in the heart. And that completely inconspicuously.
Till something "extraterrestrial" happens ... like the disappearance of skyscrapers in seconds (without blasting, just through the use of box-cutter knives).

09/26'10 MysticPolitics

Militarily organized intelligence – that's where ultimate power had always lied in and lies in till this day.
Like William Cooper has coined it: "They became a mystery to the others and the priesthood was born.
No king ever existed without the permission of the priesthood. The kings never had the power and do not to this day. Kings exist at the whim of the real power which is the priesthood standing behind the thrown."
And as Jordan Maxwell did: "There are at least three different places in the Bible where Jesus is referred to as the Chief Corner Stone that the builders rejected.
For instance, in the Ephisians 2:20 'Jesus Christ himself being the Chief Corner Stone.'"
Thanks for entertaining the idea that with global digital data highways their mental and organizing superiority could be canceled out step by step one day.